Clare's Full Story

I went back to school at 32 – the oldest student in my physical therapy class. I was certified to scuba dive at 57 and will attempt the world’s longest and toughest horse race next year. I am 59 years old and will turn 60 the day after the Mongol Derby finishes. I’ve always said, though, that “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.”

Speaking of numbers, my husband and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary. We have 3 grown children and 2 awesome grandchildren. I have 4 older brothers; even my twin is 13 minutes older. All of these people, and many more, are in agreement that the Mongol Derby is just about the craziest thing they’ve ever heard of.

As a physical therapist, I’ve worked in hospitals, rehab centers, and outpatient facilities, but home health is what I enjoy most. When you’re in a patient’s home, you get to know them and their families, and your job becomes much more satisfying.

My interests outside of family and work are varied. I’ve been very active in my church, president of a small garden club, and I enjoy handiwork such as sewing, smocking, cross-stitch, knitting, and needlepoint. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and scuba diving. Additionally, I love to travel, when I have the time and money. 

Seeing different places and experiencing other cultures through the eyes of those who live there is always my goal, so I particularly love to visit friends or travel with a purpose, such as for a mission trip or an amazing horse race. With all of these obligations and interests, my passion is horses, and I am lucky enough to have a husband who supports me. 

His co-workers and friends are amazed that he has enthusiastically given his support for me to go on this adventure. They have expressed their concern about the possibility that I might not come back alive. My husband smiles, shrugs, and says, “At least she’ll die happy.”